How many influencers can I add in one campaign?

We need to avoid spammers using our platform. We don’t want to bother the influencers with spammy messages. That is why you can’t add more than 10 influencers to a campaign.

How many campaigns can I create?​

For the same reasons explained previously, you can create only 1 campaign per 24H.

How to create a campaign and contact the influencers?
  1. To create a campaign, you simply need to select your influencers and add them to your cart (maximum: 10 influencers/campaign).
  2. Then you proceed to the checkout and fill in the details of your proposal.
  3. Then we will review your offer and forward it to the influencers.
  4. If some of them are interested in what you proposed, they will get in touch with you.


How much does it cost?

$0! It is 100% Free. It will not cost you any money. The only thing we would ask you is to publish a link to our website on one of the pages of your website (it is called a backlink). It will help us to optimize our SEO. Thanks for your understanding.

When do I have to publish your backlink on my website?

After you submitted your campaign.

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