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Influencer agency specializing in personal management and international development on social networks.
As part of its development, our company is looking for Onlyfans & Webcam models.

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An incredible opportunity!

Cam sites for adults generate 1 billion in revenue a year – and that number continues to grow. These adult sites are visited daily by approximately 5% of internet users worldwide. A webcam model earns an average of $136,500 per year or $2,625 per week.

Other types of adult sites sprung up a few years ago and exploded during the lockdown. Onlyfans is the best-known platform on the market. It is growing at a rate of 70% per month! In total, OnlyFans pays billions of dollars to its content creators every year.

But the competition has become huge...

Hundreds of thousands of girls around the world are trying their luck on these platforms. Only 1% of them earn more than $50,000 per month. They have to know digital marketing to promote themselves. They daily publish their photos and videos on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, etc… They execute all the tips and tricks they have learned to attract new customers… But unfortunately for them, the majority of them only earn a few hundred euros a month, or even a few thousand euros for the most beautiful of them. So how do you get a model to generate tens of thousands of dollars a month?

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Time and technical knowledge issues

If you think that all you have to do is register on a platform, turn on your webcam, and wait for customers, you are completely wrong! Several ingredients are needed to generate tens of thousands of euros per month. A model must create and publish photos and videos every day on social networks. These contents must obtain maximum views to gain hundreds of thousands of followers. It requires some technical knowledge to edit the videos and take beautiful photos that will attract customers. Then you have to chat day and night with these thousands of prospects to sell your content. All of this takes a lot of time, knowledge, and energy. Any professional model can confirm that for you.

Unity is strength!

By working with an agency, a model does not need to learn how to use very technical digital tools, and it frees up very precious time and energy to succeed. The model can focus on a single task: taking care of her and producing her content. The agency takes care of the rest. The agency has all the technical knowledge and resources necessary for publications, promotion, and communication with clients in order to sell content 24/7; and thus generate tens of thousands of euros in revenue per month. But there is even better than that with our agency…

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Automation accelerates and amplifies everything quickly

Even with an agency, growing a model’s Instagram account with 100,000 followers takes a lot of time and work. By posting every day, it takes a few years to reach such a number of followers. And this is where our agency becomes indispensable for models who are in a hurry to generate 5 figure income! We have developed a technology capable of automating any smartphone application (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Tinder, Bumble, Meetic, etc…). Imagine if you had 50 smartphones, each automating around 20 dating and social media apps to promote you. In your opinion, which earns the most and grows the fastest: the model alone, without an agency, and without robots, or the model with an agency and automation?

About us

We are the French company “Centre de Formation France” registered in the French commercial register (SIREN N° 831709431) since 2017. We support marketers and entrepreneurs in their digital development. We created to meet the growing demand from influencers. We considerably increase their number of followers thanks to our skills and our technologies. In this way, influencers gain visibility and this attracts brands. Seeing the increasing number of webcam and onlyfans models as well as the cash flow of these adult sites, we opened studios in Tenerife (Spain) in 2021, where around ten models each generate an average of more than €500/day in income. We train and support them in achieving their financial goals. Thanks to our agency, everything is faster and easier for the model! It’s a win-win!


Why Tenerife?

It is called the island of eternal spring. It is a Spanish island located off the coast of Morocco. The weather is good every day (between 20 and 30°C). The natural environment is exceptional (the beaches, the palm trees, the blue sky… everything is magnificent). Life is not expensive (no VAT). The countless 5-star palaces offer breathtaking backdrops to produce dream content that is very important for Instagram and TikTok. Tenerife is part of the European community, which allows Europeans to settle there legally without administrative complications. All of this creates an ideal environment to work, live and make a fortune as an Onlyfans and Webcam model.

What we offer

With each new model, our agency offers:

  • – professional talent contract,
    – professional photo shoot sessions,
    – accommodation,
    – food,
    – housemaid,
    – we pay you back your plane ticket,
    – payment by bank transfer at the beginning of each month,
    – training,
    – support.

You will therefore be housed and fed with your reimbursed plane ticket and a signed contract to work legally and protect you contractually. All the conditions necessary for your success will be met from day one.

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What should I do to start?

Many models contact us every day. Unfortunately, we cannot accept everyone because our agency invests a lot of time, energy, and money in promoting a new model. We must take all the guarantees that you have the potential to generate several tens of thousands of euros per month. If you think this is the case, contact us by WhatsApp (+33 7 69 24 51 01) to arrange a telephone interview. But before contacting us, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.

What our models think

  • Agence très sérieuse et pro, Elle nous a aider dans la promotion de nos réseaux et la recherche de partenariats avec brio Je recommande vivement

    Sébastien Rattanatay Avatar Sébastien Rattanatay
    September 19, 2022

    Ils m'ont explosé mon nombre de followers en un temps record! Et des vrais followers en plus. J'ai pu ainsi augmenter mes cachets et donc mon chiffre d'affaire. Merci.

    Riadh Chabi Avatar Riadh Chabi
    September 24, 2022

    Agence sérieuse et professionnelle. J'ai appris plein de choses et ma carrière a enfin pu décoller

    julie Lefort Avatar julie Lefort
    September 17, 2022
  • Ils sont été efficaces pour booster mes réseau sociaux avec des vrais followers. ça se voit tout de suite à l’engagement. Merci.

    signes jean Avatar signes jean
    September 23, 2022

    It is a serious and professional "Influencer Agency" that really cares about your career and raising your income.

    Camille S Avatar Camille S
    September 23, 2022


Our studio is in Tenerife, Spain, but our agency is a SARL (Centre de Formation France) registered in France and subject to the control of the DREETS. Our collaboration takes the form of a contract signed between you and our agency. As a company subject to state control, we have legal and fiscal obligations. It is out of the question to jeopardize our society by breaking the law. All of our income is declared and all taxes and duties are paid as required.

We only accept women between 18 and 30 years old, well educated, serious, respectful, hardworking, smiling with a pleasant physique and open-minded. This work is a very serious activity where you will join a team. We can’t afford to waste our time with unserious or disrespectful people.

Yes, it is possible to block certain countries if you do not want some of your compatriots to have access to your model profiles.

Yes of course. And we will help you find the apartment of your dreams.

You will have to work 7 hours a day and 5 days a week. The schedules are flexible and can be adapted according to your wishes and the availability of the studio. We recommend that you work when there are a maximum of connected clients. Which could be night if you’re targeting Americans, daytime if you’re targeting Europeans and Asians.

Yes of course. One of our staff will pick you up at the airport to bring you to your apartment.

When you arrive, we will leave you the day to rest and/or enjoy the beach. The next day will start your one-day training to give you every chance to generate the maximum amount of money possible. Then you can start working.

Yes of course. You are your own boss. You are completely free to stop your modeling activity whenever you want.

Yes of course. You have the right to take 4 weeks of vacation per year whenever you want.

Of course! Once you arrive in Tenerife, we will request your NIE number. This is a resident identification number that will give you access to Spanish care services. Your safety and well-being are very important to us. Indeed, our agency will invest a lot in your promotion and we therefore prefer to have a long collaboration with the models. It is in our own interest that you feel happy and fulfilled. Our agency is like a family where everyone takes care of everyone else. This is the best way for a company to achieve high performance.

After you have won €5,000, we will make a bank transfer of the amount of your plane ticket upon presentation of the invoice. So remember to keep the proof of purchase of your plane ticket with the amount. Without this, we will not be able to pay you back.

Yes of course. As we explained to you in the first question of this FAQ “Is it legal?”, we are strictly regulated by the French and Spanish authorities. As a freelancer, once launched, we will introduce you to our accountant who will take care of managing all the administrative part of your activity for a monthly fee (about 100€/month). You will have to pay social security (about 400€/month) and taxes on your profits. Our lawyers will explain to you how to optimize your taxation as much as possible. But all these costs will only start once your business is launched and you earn tens of thousands of euros per month. You will therefore not have to pay anything until your activity has started in earnest.

We are aware that this profession cannot be exercised forever. Some models want to do this job for 1 year, others much longer. We are therefore constantly on the lookout for serious and high quality models. These recruitment costs are astronomical because we are very selective in the choice of models. Our main recruitment network are our own models who tell their friends about our studio. By working hard on the development of our models, and by showing them our professionalism and our seriousness every day, we know that they would agree to recommend us to a friend if the opportunity arose. And this is how we are approached every day by many young women from all over the world.

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