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Get full exposure and promote your Business by sponsoring the most popular beauty contest of the world!

Who is it for?

This partnership is for some local companies which would like get promotion locally and on Internet. You could be for instance a night club, a jewelry shop, a fashion brand, an excursion company... It doesn't really matter. The most important is you have something valuable to offer to our candidates.

sponsoship miss instagram
sponsor miss instagram

What will I get in exchange?

We will promote our event on all social medias and on our website.

It is an affordable way to get some great advertising.

How much does it cost?

It is free to become a  partner. The only thing a sponsor has to do is to offer a great prize to the winners. It can be one or several of your products or services. For instance, some cosmetics products, jewelry, some excursion tickets, some cocktails, a free dinner for 2 people, That is why it is a very interesting way to get a great promotion.

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I am interested. What I have to do?

The only thing you have to do is to fill this form below. We will contact you by phone to take the warranty you will complete your engagement.

    Centre de Formation France
    EURL au capital de 1 000€
    SIRET N° 83170943100025 inscrit au RCS de Bordeaux
    14 rue Cantelaudette, Immeuble Pont d’Aquitaine 33310 Lormont
    Tél : +33 7 67 37 17 15 (Whatsapp, Telegram)